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Nigerian Re-living Part Of The Good Old days On The Country’s Way-Back Up

Nigerians have for over twenty five years forgotten the joy of train transport and the role rails transport play in easing situation like fuel scarcity and transport problems. The current fuel scarcity of petrol have resulted to commuters risking seating … Continue reading

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Improved Service Delivery in Nigerian Consulate Office SA

Should one begin to applaud officials of the Nigerian Consulate South Africa for doing the job they are paid to do with our tax payers’ money and from what is left of the proceeds from our government embezzled oil wealth? … Continue reading

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Business Destruction and Racial Divide in the country, Where Do Look for Solution?

May Emerge Bigger Than What Took Place in Zimbabwe… No doubt the business destruction and racial divide, intolerance and crime in the country may emerge bigger than what took place in Zimbabwe.   But as we raise our voices in … Continue reading

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Rise and fall of African Leaders… Good and Used

The story surrounding the rise and fall of Malema, his wealth and so-called business which funded his lifestyle and boldness is same as that of many leaders of Africa. First they are brought in the limelight and protected as people’s … Continue reading

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How has ICC Help to Caution Political Malpractice in Africa…

Why should Africa continue to depend on our ICC an AU to bring its so-called bad leadership system to Control? African people and their leaders have for decades been exposed to the wills and interests of western dictators and this … Continue reading

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Is AU Responsible to the government and people of Libya? Will they watch and have another Africa taken to the Haige?

African people and watchers of African politics are still watching political development in the new Libya. Still following intensely the event that led to the toppling of Gaddafi, his disgraceful killing, the killing of innocent people and distruction of public … Continue reading

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Where is this Coming from?

Could this spur government, leaders and those clamorous for change in the leadership interests and practices begin to put more than complain, castigation and stud to meeting the peoples interest? Thoughts of a caring leader. the mind of a concern … Continue reading

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