Truth and Fact Behind Every Incidence.

Past president Jonathan, built Nigerian economy, still holding living prove of his contributions to position Nigerian well to attract investors and be self unstaining.

Past president Jonathan, built Nigerian economy, still holding living prove of his contributions to position Nigerian well to attract investors and be self unstaining.

Father caps his little daughter…

Daughter: Yes daddy
Father: What are you doing?
Daughter: Cleaning the glass-door
Father: You, cleaning the glass-door, how?
Daughter: yes daddy, with the paper chikwl! Chikwl!! Chickl!!!
Father laughs and dismiss her: Okay go.

Fact in this is that – even if he the father still believes the little girl can nit clean the glass, she has proven with the sound produced by the cleaning that the little girl was actually cleaning.

This again is living prove that comes with living facts in many issues we struggle to debate and make reasonable factual conclusion from.

Jonathan did not buy arms, embezzled all the funds allocates to fight Boko harem, yet, Buhari has ammunitions it did nit buy to fight Boko Harem.

Jonathan administration distriyed our economy, yet Nigerian economy did well and better to attract foreign investors without going needing to spend its resources to woe investors in invest in its economy and when the same economy is taken over by new APC administration, that one economy that promotes give confidence to investors turns to discouraging investors and causing existing ones to pack up and live.

In arguing or debating this concerns, we have some unprogressive Nigerians who are refusing to identify the little girls descriptive sound of the fact that she was cleaning, I exploring the analyzing the difference between present and past GEJ/PDP led administration.

And how do you judge this differences in viewing with governance in Nigeria, between the calls made by Northern elders to President Buhari and facts on growth, with our ailing economy, governments activities that are not policy and peoples’ opinionated, and passing of laws without consultation and observation of people views?

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Journeying Through Life’s Tides and Searching

Dear members, it has been a while since I posted or updated this page, the last time I posted here, I wrote about what I believed was the truth about my – “newly found spiritual direction” and the right – “face of God”.

Jesus give us the freedom as He enjoins us test all spirits.
He however, lovingly and desires man to choose “carefully and wisely” – the right path to life and spirit. Appling our mind and sense of “positive human morality” and ethics of “correct – natural – human judgment – of good conducts” in line with with human practices and behaviors.

Life, in its giving’s, presents different challenges to one, at different times. These challenges demand and requires different approach to deal with, live with and or to address.

Always in the curse of human journey, mostly when the journey leads to disappointing ends, the way to and back from searching – to rediscovering ones right- part, is always tedious, confusing, and in many cases demands clearer and defined understanding of what exactly, “you” or the – lost traveler or person’s quest should be.
That way, illusion and images of deceptive or misleading encouragements offered in advice by by those who show care, could be more incapacitating rather than helpful – to further keep one confused and in endlessly search for solution or way out of the challenging situation or rough times – life plunge one into.

This again, results from and is about ones ability to correctly “test different spirits, different advices one is given, opinions, values and ability to correctly define what could possibly be the end-result or outcome of each-one and every optional suggestion and advices one has received from different interests and people showing their good-will to help one out of the trying times and situation.

Ability to try each spirit and to judge them correctly, is also a proper way to prepare oneself – resolutely to stand poised in taking and giving anything that is demanded by whatever challenges and circumstances that lyes ahead of ones unpredictable life’s journey, forth and back (destination – known).

Unprepared mind that is not resolve to sticking to ones value and desires, strictly to moral values and character, means leaving oneself vulnerable to any form of solution that presents itself in the cause of journeying – “in times of trouble and despair of – life idea.

In most cases, every possible solution that presents itself, offers all desirable turnaround from the our troubles. These easy possible solutions, mostly presents to one, wealth, power, affluent, fame and other giving’s that makes like sweeter and better. What one normally don’t see and consider easily, in mostly cases, is the other end of, the seemingly easy means to this juice end.

As the saying goes, if it is too good to be true, it is dangerous and or not true. So also is every solution to life tides, which presents itself as easy – breakthrough out of life challenges.

Tough, slow but steady solutions, come with not so attractive giving’s, yet promises the best of life, humanity and godliness.
Theses kind of way and manner of approaching – tough life journeys, is what brings and harmonize peace, love good human relationship, moral practices and godliness. Though nit easy a journey to entertain in the face face, difficult challenges, it is yet the principles of good human values system that can only bring about and make possible the kind if society we all crave to have and that which is eluding our society, religion and our world.

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Will Africa be Ready to Face Zika?

Is Africa following, How Prepared is Africa to face Zika’s threat?
Zika coming more devastating than initially revealed.
Now will diversion be made to its origin, will Africa again be termed the origin place of Zika and how soon will it be before the virus become an African epidemic and subjecting leaders to set aside allocation to fight it?
I thus result to that, which strongly doubt, how many of of African Pharmaceutical companies or traditional healers will have been ready to fight the scourge – head-on?
And should it be that local traditional healers do find compatible medication, will WHO give it recognition that will encourage cheaper and quicker intervention that will help save lives?

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African Leaders Need Stronger Push…

African Leaders Need Stronger Push
Development and perception of every African – in the continent’s job market and survival today, has become one that is dependable – only on the mercy of jobs created by – good willed foreign investors, out of which people can never have access to descent job, good and dependable income and access to good life.
African’s two leading countries (Nigeria and South Africa) has become the residence for corruption, bad leadership and epitome of demonstration of craze.
The continent was full of hopes and gearing up for greater future, when one of its great leaders (Goodlurk Ebele Jonathan) took Nigeria’s economy to its greatest height. African became the choice market for developed nations good, and the economy many investors want and desire to invest in.
South African market – on the other hand, which has been there, geared up to regain its place as the continent first economy. This is the direction Africa need to go and focus on – remaining.
Things turns around within eight months of Nigerians welcoming a new political party “APC” as leader, under President Mohammadu Buhari. A firmer military head of state, who overthrow a democratic president led by Alhaji Shehu Shagari.
It did not take Nigeria much time to stumble back to becoming another plague in the continent’s many problems-in hand to solve.
African countries political style of governance and politicians have all turn to place personal and party interests above people and national interest.
Economic development remain a high mountain of Zuma and Buhari to navigate.
Job creation remain serious problem in countries where human, natural resources and other industrial development remain in abundance and opportunities – call to be taken advantage of by sectors where jobs can be easily created.
Leaders of African’s two leading nations, (Buhari and and Zuma) through their policies, fan ethnic divide and rule, people and interest favoritism, and in all government arms and structure, encourage – influencing of the justice system that rewards corrupt practices, sectorial malpractices, racial dominance and killing, farm plundering and wasteful destruction of agricultural land by headsmen and their cattle – whilst terrorism find ground to thrive through silent-encouragement by racial minded and religious-extremists – influenced leaders, lending their support…..
And the people and communities suffer…. Most affected, women and children…..
Police and other so-called law agents find unprotected ground to freely display their unguided mind and illicit corrupt practices; killing and extortion, standing on the way of justice and destruction of true evidence. All of these, leave Africa and the people vulnerable to western extortion in different ways, either by indirect enslavement, being used by NGOs to solicit for fund, which is diverted to other illegitimate purposes etc, the fact remains that – pour leaders and their Western counterparts – still remains our problems and not the people.
The question is: dont #africanleaders-need-strongoush?

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Partnering With African Future Big Industries.

FMDPedu is putting final touch to African based show that will captivate African audience, the show is billed to air on one of eNCA tv stations and will be viewed by viewed across the continent.
We are currently enlisting company partners, funders and advertisers.

We invite all interested manufacturing companies, service providers and interest group interested in knowing more about what this is all about and want to be part of this initiative and do business with us, to contact us on e-mail:, And we will contact you. We will send you all required information you need to be part of this big initiative -with opportunities to take your business and product to the heart of the people.
We promise you a “mini-skirt” package that will blow your mind, taking you into Africa’s markets.

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Drug trafficking: 158 Nigerians on death row in China, Malaysia.


Concern over the number of Nigerians involve in drug trafficking, government has not risen up to tackle the problem event with a staggering number of Nigerian nations on death role in various countries across the globe.

Well it may be fact they economic greed contribute to many taking to dealing in drugs to make ends meet, concern over other stimulating factors should also be looked into to address this suicidal risk – taken by many Nigerian nationals to break even.

Political influences and new – turn in lifestyle by Nigerians, mostly the wealthy, is also a contributing factor that – not only the government but also religious leaders and institutions should take to account if this scourge has to be addresses.

Here is an extract from the motion raises and discussed, as part if the destructive effects of dealing in drugs.

Contributing to the motion, Senator Jibrin Barau (APC, Kano North) said the rates at which housewives are abusing drugs are alarming.

“We need to do something about, it has gone beyond youth and now it is very prevalent among married women. Women who are in charge of upbringing of children are now drugs addicts,” he said.

The Senate however urged the Federal Government to restructure and reposition the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to be able to meet the challenges of evasive drug traffickers using Nigerians to traffic drugs.


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Why Police Inspector General Cannot Speak Boldly on How to Deal with Falae Adopters

Worry over the Safety of lives and Property Set to Grip South West as State security (Police) Cannot Stop Fulani terrorists attackers of prosecute them……

Nigerians are in trouble. I am sure that the same interest that empowered Boko Harem, is now very much in position and has empowered or is empowering Fulani headsmen who have found their way to the South to do their biding.

For God sake, how can a police commissioner not be bold enough to assure the public – first hand about the faith of a criminal?

It is either that Arase is incompetent to occupy that position or that he is acting in fear or is carrying out orders. Whatever it is, that is not good for the public and does not reflect what PMB is saying to Nigerians.

Security of lives and properties of the people, are the primary functions of the police and if the police cannot be trusted to effectively protect lives and properties with assurance that criminals will be duly prosecuted and discouraged from engaging in crimes, the danger will be – people resorting to taking laws into their own hands to secure themselves and their properties from criminals like the Fulani headsmen and this will not be good for the community and civil society safety and peaceful co-existence.

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