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Will Africa be Ready to Face Zika?

Is Africa following, How Prepared is Africa to face Zika’s threat? Zika coming more devastating than initially revealed. Now will diversion be made to its origin, will Africa again be termed the origin place of Zika and how soon will … Continue reading

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Partnering With African Future Big Industries.

FMDPedu is putting final touch to African based show that will captivate African audience, the show is billed to air on one of eNCA tv stations and will be viewed by viewed across the continent. We are currently enlisting company … Continue reading

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Boko Harem – Poisoned Fruits on its way to Markets in the South Region of the Nigeria

Be warned: Trailers load of poisoned fruits has been reported to be on its way to some popular markets in some states in Southwest and Southwest of Nigeria. These destination markets are the markets agricultural produce from the Northern are … Continue reading

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FIFA “Against”America’s interests or Businesses “Against” FIFA’s interests


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Herba and Spice

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Generic Skin Infection “Like This”… What Treatment?

With variety of skin infection treatment flooding the market, each claiming “effective” treatment to infection like this “Acny/Pimples Bumps after shave, irritation” etc, only to end up leaving many sufferer dejected and loosing hope of ever finding treatment for their … Continue reading

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What is changing Africa in 2015 – “African Fashion Spot-On” What is it All About

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