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Underarm sensitivity to gland causing Body odor

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Under arm Vulnerability to Bipedalism

Ahaba Skin treatment Lotion

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How to best and effectively protect your under arm from bad odor.
Armpit as commonly known, is also called “Axilla”, and lately, popularly called called Oder-arm.

Under arm is part of the human body, under the joint of the arm to the body. Unlike the head which hairs is thicker, hairs in under-arms – like that – between the spaces at both sides of the genital, Under arm shears the same future of hair.

The under arm and the genital, are another part of human body that are protected with pubic hairs, to ease off effects of “Bipedalism” on the skin surface. Its also important to know that the arm-pit of human’s body is where bad-odor producing gland occurs most, because of constant body movement.

Human body produced gland that mix with the hair to further protect the effects of finction in those areas of he body.

Further research done by Ahaba laboratory discovered that gland produced causes body odor as helped by microscopic agents produced through body friction.

Whilst in today’s human civilization, many, use anti antiperspirant to control bad body ordor, which on average, do. Anti perpetrate itself has its own caused effects which is results from deodorant that is not suitable to skin type and body, resulting to infection that sometimes lead to – infections like painful lump rashes or even worse foul body odor.

To combat such effect, Ahaba lab has developed a disinfectant lotion to help fight against contamination of body gland, prevent and treat contamination.

By using Ahaba anti bacterial infections, it has been proven that 90% chances of body gland released can be controlled and treated for days, thereby preventing body odor for up to four days.

Not many are aware of the millions of particles contained in the agents used in producing antiperspirant like your roll-on. The reason why after every day’s activity, the roll-on applied to prevent body odor cakes up and stain the under arm part of the cloth won. Such is the stain caused by under arm – gland to the body and the capacity for a much more chances for body odor to result to worse foul smelling odor.

It has equally be proven that using Ahaba anti- bacterial lotion , has no side effect. Can be used for at least every two to three days of interval, to treat and reduce body odor causing agents for up to 100%.

Applying Ahaba anti-bacterial and treatment lotion – under arm and between ties as the last thing before retiring to bed will ensure that 100% of gland deposit is killed and washed off the following day during bath.


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