Boost your Metabolism

Examining infection causing foods….

Speaking to most female sufferers of Acne and pimples, most will quickly relate the cause to be internal. Claiming they need cleaning or that it’s due to their pregnancy. This assumption I most cases are true and – sure, these women may need internal cleaning. But what exactly should they be cleaning, how and with what?

Men too, do suffer acne and most men; deal with after shaving Bump infection. These, many men have still not found good treatment and near giving up.

Infection causing pimples and Acne are not only internally causing related, some come from the external or food that are not receptive by some system.

Examining infection causing foods, we researched some of the common fruits people claim are responsible for this and they are peanuts, oil, chocolates, other oily even food with high calories and oil.

Does this mean feeding ones system with these essential meals could be dangerous to our skin or metabolism?

Follow this link to find more tips o healthy feeding and ways to main you metabolism.

The answer lies in the performance of individual metabolic functions. One thing is certain, human digestive system function in the same way but the presence of absorbing and transformation of the intakes (food, what one eats) that transforms it t the needed nutrient for the body and health, is what varies and this is responsible for the effect results.

Taking closer look at the function of women monthly circle (blood flow), it is not the same in every woman that they all flow normally; they vary in their time and particularly due to the state of mind and health of individual person.

And abnormal or erratic flow can lead to the springing up of infection like pimple, rashes and acne which many women experience. Then, the need for such cleansing as perceived by many women and diagnosed by medical practitioners. A very healthy and safe cleansing that will regulate and keep the system functional as normal as should be is what one need in this case. Some medical practitioners get it right while struggle but sometimes, the body regulates itself back to normal even without treatment.

In woman ovulation and periodic discharge order, what happens is the body, discharges the unfertilized eggs released by the system into the womb – after the ovulation period when the eggs are not met with sperm to trigger formation of the egg to human growing embryo. These egg cells die, turning to blood which she discharges during her flowing period.

If by abnormal circumstance of some health problem or abnormal state of mind such flow is hindered or caused to be released in drops, the remaining find its way out through some other form, induced by the body’s immune system and that results to the normal pimples, stomach-ache etc which become treated in different forms.

Understanding this working will help women to effectively control and seek good treatment.

However, in situation when the cases are different, its then when other treatment options should be sorted for and applied.

Research show that 70% of treatment – induce trigger the infection, in the case of Acne to either dry up, leading to other side effect, while on some cases, the growth comes more until all the contaminations are completely ejected from the surface of the skin. These treatment options are always presented to patience at the point of consultation, to enable them decide on which to chose, but just given and that leave people with different conclusion at the end of each visit to the doctor. In any case, the end comes out justifying the treatment option applied.

There are many ways to clean the system. Taking to the modern – scientific proven treatment and already existing medication, treatment of Acne and pimple have somehow been made easy, but at that, complications do still arise and many are still reeling in confession, frustration hopelessness, all due to cost, patience uneasiness toward hasty result etc.

Hence our advice and focus on the need for you, “women” especially to focus on boosting your metabolism. The many healthy tips we have been posting, are essential feeding tips that will keep you system in check and help you fight and control infection causing feeding airborne decease you come in contact with everyday and other ways and forms through which one can be infected. And even at that, boosting your immune system is very essential and important to keep infection away from your system and to stay healthy.


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