Tough and Dangerous Way to Buhari’s Corruption Probe – Drive

We have been hearing different sides and takes, believe and argument on this probe project embarked on by President Mohammudu Buhari.
More prominent people with sentiment and emotional feeling to either side of the concern have raised opinion and argument. Latest on this,  is the comment made by the Catholic Church Bishop of Sokoto, Bishop Mathew Kukah. His view, which has been widely misunderstood, criticized and wrongly interpreted by a faction of the people representing an ideology supporting and want to see “heads roll” and are aggrieved by Jonathan led last administration; while some, belived to be loyal to the same GEJ’s led government, adopt the sentiment expressed by bishop Kukah understanding, expressed to warn the new government of possible negative outcome of the probe.

Since the APC, Buhari and loyalists’ intense call to probe past leaders, especially Jonathan, many of the past leaders have become jittery to the point that OBJ resorted to building shield and gathering counter intelligence that could be used to counter Buhari’s resolve to include him in the probe list.

This approach and step taken by former president Olusegun Obasanja, lead to the dropping of probe intended against him on the Halliburton-gate saga. Buhari has gone ahead to mend fences with OBJ, recruiting the elder statesman to now serve his interest on international related mattered.

Now, it has become the sure method to adopt for many corrupt leaders, as a sure way out of the probe hook.

This is exactly what Bishop Kokah was referring to when he said that “Nigerians want to see blood but not the blood of their relatives, friends or town person”. Because of this, many officials still serving in government offices, will compromise facts and proves to help protect their currupt masters and help them get back at him GEJ.
That is exactly what happened, to save OBJ.
Buhari’s fear for not having a counter corrupt information on his past, is one danger and possible hindrance to the probe and may go further to lead to worse situation/s (God forbid), if Buhari do not heed to words of wisdom, reasoning and democratic practices that is devoid of vindictive sentiments, racial and religious manipulating interests.


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