Help Define – Source of the Characters of Muslim and Christian’s Religion

Bible told us in the old testament that God created from Isaac, two nations, Esau and Jacob, out of which the two different eds of human characters, morals and good and evil, curse and blessings are to be placed and defined for man man to choose and be placed under.

Out of these nations, come the religion Christians and Muslims.

Jacob is the chosen blessed nation while Esau, the rejected cursed nation.

While Jacob was blessed with all the riches the earth, royalty, peace and fruitfulness, Esau got curse placed on him: He will serve his brother Jacob and will live by the sward, will wonder the land will pass the yoke of his frustrations on his brother. Meaning his grieves and frustration, he will vent on his brother Jacob otherwise, the nation of God’s people.

Jacob went ahead to be the generation from which Jesus came and Mohammed, came from the descendants of Esau, the cursed one.

Are these curses and blessing not the true effects of the rivalry we experience between the Christians and the Muslims in the world today where every Christian is a potential betrayal of any Muslim who at any given opportunity vent their anger and frustration for what ever reason?
It is what we living out today, why we have the Muslims exhibiting the true effects of the curse placed on them because of Esau’s refusal to be patient, understanding and to let go, the attitude still in the character of the Esaus where he found out his smart God chosen brother Jacob has taken what God prepared for him (Jacob).

The act of “No father”, don’t you have any blessing left for me? There must be one left, you must also bless me…

Isaac was left with no option by his over demanding God rejected son Esau that he poured out – on him, the anger, of pain of being deceived, frustration, vengeance and perceptual slavery.

Look at the Muslim and their practices, laws and ways of life, they all negate everything human, sanity and good human moral behaviors.

Well only the last days will tell. But common sense should and cam well inform good intelligent mind of what is right and wrong but since the embrace of Islam seals the mind and locks up every sense of good reasoning, all who embrace the religion are automatically subjected to being mentally and morally confined to foolishness like God caused Pharaoh – the king of Egypt to become just to prolong his suffering and that of the Egyptians people before destroying them.


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Director Christo production, Project. Project Developer at Future Minds development Program (FMDP) and CEO Ahaba Laboratory. CEO, project Developer, Manager and Content writer at AFSON Love challenging my self and being creative. Understand that whatever I do, create or aspire to, must be for the glory of God and to satisfy God's desire for creating humaniis. What makes me happy and will fulfill my joy is: to see humanity understand real reason why "Man" is created by God and to work toward fulfilling God's desire. Creator African Fashion Spot-On, Working for Humanity and RAMBASA. Currently residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. Close to my heart are two projects I developed for humanity and another for the advancement of African skills and talent, for its people and market.
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