Promoting Same-Sex Marriage Through Sport

Now, time promote semesex marriage through sport for what advocators has to gain.

And I ask, what is in it for for them, to demoralise human values in the face good and evil, challenge religious moral values and dictates… What?

Zimbabwe president Robbert Mogabe said in one of his reaction to the signing to law, of gay marriage by the US president Barrack Obama, that and I quoted; “even the devil do not have sex with man”, off quote. Man has come to challenge his natural characteristics, sexual behaviors and naturally defined endowed self values.

And where are the custodians and teachers of human moral values? The pairents, the Teachers in our schools and religious places where we worship and shear fellowship?

What has gone wrong with parental guidance and values of parenting, care giving and moral guidance in homes, Schools and religious places of worship?

Education, what impact is education in schools, Churches, Mosques and other religions making in children upbringing in our society, what human values is education our children impact in people of our communities to give confidence and hope for humanity and its coexistence in common ethical values?

Samesex advocates’ victory with American corroded legal values and system has come out stringer with more thought provoking shameless confidence – guiding their drive to further promote – ill – anti-human sexual orientation, making what is anti human social way of living and procreating, acceptable to as many unguided and the “weak-mindeds” in character, f our society and communities.

The vehicle to achieve this are through Sport men and women, television presenters, Artists and world and local Celebrities. These those whose activities and successes influence the volnerable ones of every gathering places and most dangerously, homes and schools where some parents and teacher pay little or no attention or care for their children and people activities.

Already, sexual immoralities has become part of human social development advances in and among families, in societies, schools and places of worship with no visible measures of discouraging factor of preventing others from emulating or repeating such immoral practices.

These vivid facts present fear that societies and communities are in danger of of being taken over by gay influences and recruiters.


About kaineanthony

Director Christo production, Project. Project Developer at Future Minds development Program (FMDP) and CEO Ahaba Laboratory. CEO, project Developer, Manager and Content writer at AFSON Love challenging my self and being creative. Understand that whatever I do, create or aspire to, must be for the glory of God and to satisfy God's desire for creating humaniis. What makes me happy and will fulfill my joy is: to see humanity understand real reason why "Man" is created by God and to work toward fulfilling God's desire. Creator African Fashion Spot-On, Working for Humanity and RAMBASA. Currently residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. Close to my heart are two projects I developed for humanity and another for the advancement of African skills and talent, for its people and market.
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