Inspiring Creativity – AFSON…

Talent is one aspect of endowment that aids creativity in one as inspiration is another

Ability to create, do not by itself make for creative ideals where the mind is not inspired

AFSON is inspiring the creation of “Unique” African development on the platform of Fashion Designers stage and you are all invited to be part of this challenging occasion

AFSON will inspire development in leadership, commerce and intercontinental trade relation.

Speakers will be drawn from countries around the continent, different works of life and trade unions

Are you a Fashion Designer and want to be part of this event with chance to win $,000.00 (two hundred thousand Dollars?

You can enter through your country’s chamber of Commerce or contact +27 11 075 4248. Otherwise, you can log unto for more and to download the entry firm. You can also SMS “afs-on.entry” to 084 298 7072 and entry form and entry details will be sent to you.


About kaineanthony

Director Christo production, Project. Project Developer at Future Minds development Program (FMDP) and CEO Ahaba Laboratory. CEO, project Developer, Manager and Content writer at AFSON Love challenging my self and being creative. Understand that whatever I do, create or aspire to, must be for the glory of God and to satisfy God's desire for creating humaniis. What makes me happy and will fulfill my joy is: to see humanity understand real reason why "Man" is created by God and to work toward fulfilling God's desire. Creator African Fashion Spot-On, Working for Humanity and RAMBASA. Currently residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. Close to my heart are two projects I developed for humanity and another for the advancement of African skills and talent, for its people and market.
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