Keeping Healthy This winter

Apologies to my followers who have been waiting for this weeks health tip.

I thought of going strait to infection treatment, but I think, there are some human body functions many – somehow ignore, that need to be explained for science or herbal treatment to make meaning and sense.

That is infection and pain.

Pain is a way our body send message of a dysfunction in the body to the brain.
It could be an infection, injury or contamination the immune system is battling to fight. Take for instance head ache, stomach upset, nausea or dizziness. All these results from some kind if contamination in the body that is being reported to the brain.
Some of these common ailment can be fought and brought to normalcy by human immune system with time and with intake of good good, fluid and fruits and not drugs.

Now, there are some foods, fruits and nuts that are high in anti body, strong enough to fight diseases and minor bacterial infection. Most of the first and immediate noticeable results of these infections come in forms of itching, headache, dizziness and stomach upsets as in diarrhea (constant stooling). The discomforting effects that comes with pains and itching are the messages the body report to the brain.

Fruits like, Lime or Lemon, bitter kola, herbs and starch can serve as antibiotic and or solidifier in the body.

The mixture of lime juice, with sugar and salt can help controle and treat diarrhea, headache and to reduce the effect of contamination in the system or blood.
The inclusion of Gaelic can amplify the antibiotic agents in lemon and bitter kola.

Gaelic can also be use by women during menstruation, for proper clean up.

Next week I will give more insight on the use of spice’s like “UDA”, (pic shown here) Gaelic and other medicinal spices as healthy feeding that purifies the body system and blood for internal cleanings.

Till then, stay healthy and use herbs for better effective treatment.


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