How do We or should – Africans Engage Constructively in Issue Discussion?

Engaging in the discussion of issues of any interest and concern, political, religious, social and what have you, is normally propelled by concerns of interests by the people, society, power etc relatively so, as need arises.

Discussions bordering on African interests and developments, normally hosted by African local and internationally acclaimed journalists, on the country’s and media houses purportedly owned by African, has always seen the “fundamental interest” which primarily triggers off the premature misdirection of thoughts and reaction, thereby taken “off-focus” peoples’ contributions the moment its host introduces the topic/issue and callers begins to make impute.

It could either be a deliberate practice or stage-managed by some interests which never want the continent to have a constructive discussion, thereby making head way to finding possible solution to the interest and concern being looked at or, it is that the people who are over aggrieved – so much that they have lost their calmness and self-collective composure to address issues concerning them and their development.

The norm and practices of some contributors to every discussion as I have come to discover and seen – to have become the usual form of distracting the public from remaining in the line of thought, staying focus and keeping to the core idea of the issue and the motivating point driven at and which is out to be unearthed through every discussion held, is the call-ins, text messages and messages from the social media which are mostly made and sent by people with opposing interests.

These counter views are tailored to stair up existing grievances already planted in the minds of the people against the ruling government, by drawing from past incidence which are not relevant to the issues raised and which negates the fundamental ideal needed and required for tackling the concerns of the abnormal practices or incongruity of the interests behind the issue on discussion and is aimed to address.


This has been the many problems facing media discursions of issues affecting us, so much that rather than coming out with workable ideas from the public, that will proffer applicable and meaningful solutions. The reasoning on the line of thought is twisted, misguided by irrelevant provoking diversion rendered fruitless by these interests.


Its is no linger for us to remain mute or shying away from this practice and concerns that is affecting discussion and our ability to stay focus on driven concerns of issues and arriving at needed solutions to problems which capitalists and those who desire to continuously see African leaders fail, leaving countries of the continent vulnerable to Western interests and their counterpart/agents whose selfish interests must be protected and prevented from being taken away from them.


Instances we can draw from are issues like the Zimbabwe land restitution that was misdirected, manipulated and dragged wrongly while these interests misinterpret to process and their actions Africans to and the people of the nation, leading to economic ruin of the country.


The proposal made by Moman Gadafi, when he proposed the United states of Africa, a project western interests saw as threat to their plundering of the continent and which led to the toppling and Gadaffi’s assassination by the West. And currently, the distractions these same interests has been using in the on-going discussion of land return to South African whose lands were taken for nothing, a discussion that is currently dragging – on slow pace and may not ever reach any implementable conclusive stage until when a leader who will toe the line of “Land Grab” like Robert Mogabe will come on.


African journalists, mostly SABC’s discussion presents should learn to direct discussions, guiding listeners and contributors to remain within the premise of the concerns the issues is meant to address, define and give solution to.


About kaineanthony

Director Christo production, Project. Project Developer at Future Minds development Program (FMDP) and CEO Ahaba Laboratory. CEO, project Developer, Manager and Content writer at AFSON Love challenging my self and being creative. Understand that whatever I do, create or aspire to, must be for the glory of God and to satisfy God's desire for creating humaniis. What makes me happy and will fulfill my joy is: to see humanity understand real reason why "Man" is created by God and to work toward fulfilling God's desire. Creator African Fashion Spot-On, Working for Humanity and RAMBASA. Currently residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. Close to my heart are two projects I developed for humanity and another for the advancement of African skills and talent, for its people and market.
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