For Every One Who Care to Know, Evil Working To Thrive Over Good

Self serving interest of bad politicians and their propaganda tools, now has recruited the services of Nigerians in Diaspora

  ImageFire spitting desperate politicians whose business interests are threatened by Jonathan’s rehabilitation projects

“Nigerians in Diaspora” is an organ established after Nigerian Union South Africa, by some self interest serving  individual to duplicating and profit from the consular assistance services provided specifically to serve the need and concerns of Nigerians by Nigerian consulate office in that country. That primarily are the responsibilities to Nigerians consul general and those in his office as a responsibility owed to Nigerians in any of the country they live outside Nigeria.

An idea created by Jason Osufor a South African based Obasanjo’s PDP led government trumpeter and one of the propaganda agents. Mr. Jason Osufor and his click of power and influence hungry individuals, like the one who call himself the Eze Ndi Igbo South Africa, Mr. Akwuewebe and other, are people of no known specific income, personality and or goodwill or interest for the people.
in collaboration with the then Nigerian consul general to South Africa, Alhaji Sani, and Amokachie of the high commission, they abrogate the duties of the consul office to these individuals who act as agents (taut) for those who can not stand the frustrating cue created by the office and its epileptic service made possible by Sani’s by deliberate non provision of modern office serving equipments to facilitate easy and timely attendance to the needs of many Nigerians living in the country.

This is not an exclusive case of poor service delivery to the people in South Africa; it is an extension of more than poor service delivery to the public with its root in Nigeria civil service offices.

NID like NU and those they represented, (OBJ) with politicians serving in his administration, viz Atiku, Tinubu, El Rufai, and the crop of his old PDP loyalists who are today jumping fence to join APC have nothing positive and or have done anything credible for the people to show and claim they have the people interests at heart and to have what it take to outshine present PDP.

Since the creation of this Nigerian Union, while under the leadership of Jakson Osufor, Nigerians in South Africa suffered a lot of neglect both in the hands of the consulate and the NU, so much that one Mr. Frank of Frank Times assume the responsibility of seeing to the interest of Nigerians facing one problems from both the community where they live and those arrested for cases ranging from not having a validated stay in the country to cases of Nigerians trading on the street and racial discriminations.

These concerns plague Nigerians so much that they lost interest in the Union. I can confidently prove this claim even to Jason himself and many of his associates.

Bothered by complains I received from affected Nigerian, I held series of meetings with Jason concerning his use of the union. Then the case to force him to conduct new election was still in court.

Like Nigerian Union, Nigerians in Diaspora act on behalf of old PDP cadre to laud bad leaders like Obasanjo and these politicians distracting us from focusing on positive transformation that is currently happening in the country.  

Like Obasanjo, Jason’s attempt to permanent himself as AU’s president was met with resistance leading to a court case which finally resulted to an election that brought in the current NU president which performance is out shinning Jason’s just like we see in the new PDP.
But unlike the former, current NU leadership is not enjoying recognition like they should, just as president Jonathan’s government is giving negative publicity against its true strides in rebuilding decayed infrastructures, setting up schools for the previously neglected Northern youth (Arimajilis), free press and speeches for all that people, politicians and our media are using to attempt running PDP down.

I refuse to recognise accept and be part of the association with that era of PDP then, because of their corrupt practices and disservice-governance to the people, the same way I am denying APC’s PDP, because of their incongruous attitude, statement, direction and vision for future Nigeria and people.

In situation like I witnessed in the structuring and drawing-up of the leadership of previous PDP, as in NU and NID, their performance in government and their involvement in their representation of the people, i refuse to be deceived or led on by the same people who failed me in the past.

I am not claiming to be good or better than any one, but I am taking for history and precedence to judge their claims – to be the savior Nigeria need now.

I can make references for you, of whom to research and draw your conclusions on.

Nigerian Union fell into trouble waters when former Lagos state military governor, Maruwa was became Nigerian ambassador to SA. In one of the parties hosted in his honour by NU in Pretoria, the scene played out there caused one of the NU leading members to withdraw his membership.

Jason Osufor like Obasanjo, attempt to permanent himself as NU’s president until his game was met with resistance leading to a court case which finally resulted to an election that brought in the current NU president whose performance has out shined Jason’s just like we are witnessing in President Jonathan’s short rule in Nigeria as the new PDP President.

The truth is that what Nigeria need now is not the change of the working party as it is now, but the exclusion of bad self serving Nigerians whose interests thrive on Nigerian backward state of infrastructures, government policies that favours their business interest like we had in the handing of the importation of most of Nigerians needed commodities to Dangote, the frustration and killing of our electric powers system to create businesses for generator and diesel dealers, allowing our rail system to remain dysfunctional that trailer owners will have patronage, allowing our roads to be bad that crime could thrive for them and perpetual dependence on the services that become businesses for them in the economy of a badly governed society and government with the people prevented from asking questions and of the leadership system.

But unlike the former, current NU leadership like PDP is not enjoying recognition like they should just as President Jonathan’s government is being handed negative publicity against its true stride for nigerians now.

Fellow Nigerians, no positive political transformation can thrive where truth is disguised. Where negative interests are portrayed as people opinion and interest, where evil is forced down the throat of those purported to be salvaged.
A caring leader show care for the people’s interests before its party’s and those of its politicians.
Caring leaders like Mandela, the Ghandis and the Thabo Mbeki, behind whose Jonathan has taken a cue, do what is best for the people and not for self and party interest to justify their power and authority.

No wonder APC seem to having field day off the works of Jonathan’s administration.

Be wise Nigerians and do not allow yourself to be deceived by the manipulations of the security working in the country and the disguise of failure in the name of success that APC is displaying today. If the party really care, the people interest will play paramount over their desire to swell their party’s membership with discredited self serving failed politician whose credibility has seemed in the mud of corruption, selfish interest and imposition of wills.


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