Improved Service Delivery in Nigerian Consulate Office SA

Should one begin to applaud officials of the Nigerian Consulate South Africa for doing the job they are paid to do with our tax payers’ money and from what is left of the proceeds from our government embezzled oil wealth?

 The offices used to be occupied by workers seating with cups of coffee, sparking with families, friend and or business interests on phone, attending to private interests and extorting money from Nigerians seeking to be given their rightful legal services form the office. It was a hell of a place to visit and a heart breaking contract to award to agents fronting for the officials and other interests within our so-called Nigerian Union (NUSA) leaders. The story of a one time government uncaring representatives office.


It was always frustration caused by many bottleneck process created by greedy and self serving officials of the Nigerian consulate office in South Africa. The story can not be told differently concerning activities of other officials serving Nigerians living in other countries of the world requesting for consular assistance, as a matter of fact, consular assistance for Nigerians living anywhere in the world was almost inexistence, worse is in the case of South African Consulate office.

Service delivery in Nigeria High commission like it is in Nigeria generally, and the consulate offices meant to benefit the people where sold to Nigerians at extorting costs to enrich officials and their agents and to frustrate the people for reasons no one has up till now explained but easy to figure out, since corruption has become a way of life in every Nigerian government serving offices to the people

Again, do we begin to seek for explanation on why Nigerians should not receive good and quality services that are free of cumbersome processes and extortive when it is clear that self-interest and self-enrichment has taken-over characteristically the practices which should dictate good ethical practices of every public servant in providing government dictated and legalized needs for the people; to them and as required by law.

If there is nothing yet for me to score President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, I think the last service I receive in Nigerian consulate office when I went there to have my passport renewed, is commendable enough to say “there is improvement” being made to at least ease the plight of Nigerians seeking for their rightfully necessary service from that office.

The story is not yet good enough to score the officials well enough as to give a convincing pass mark, but it is enough to say there has began a process of ridding our public servants of corrupt practices and to start up a turn around process away from destructive service delivery from our public offices.

Little wonder, the presence of frontiers and agent responsible for the crimes committed against the people in these offices has been reduces, the prevalent of activities advanced by our so-called “Nigerian Union South Africa” (NUSA) headed by Jason Osufor and his partners seem to be taken a different turn as clearly the need for such Union in the way it is being advances when created was actually not necessary if not for the political undertone it was created by. The Union was given relevance by the many loopholes advantaged by inefficiency of Nigerian Consulates office of that time, the system of administration and service delivery which leaves the people with nothing but to clamor for change and demand for their rights to good services, easy access to required needs the mission such office was created to serve the people.

This is not a call to discourage the need for a body Like “Nigerian Union South Africa” or any other Union of such in any country of the world where Nigerian reside, but to clearly point out the need to redefined such union’s interests and objectives to the people as made necessary by the country’s policies – meeting the needs of Nigerians living in that country with views on ways Nigerians missions representing the people, serving their interests and needs.

Nigerian Unions anywhere in the world should be created – I surges, with defined policies and interests to serve the following objectives

(i)                 Protective the interest of the people against unethical practices of government agents, officials and  missions

(ii)               See to the government proactive despondence to giving good and adequate consular assistance to Nigerians in need, irrespective of the nature of need.

(iii)             Serving the people, interests and in terms with the policies of the resident country which do not take to account the interest and protection of Nigerians and government bilateral interest with the country,

(iv)              That they be the checks and balances between the people government delegated offices and the serving leadership of the country Nigeria.

(v)                Issues relating and concerning boarder issues of indigenes (Nigerians) at the point of entry and exit from the ports

These though are not issues to formulate interests or to be duplicated by any union since countries already have established government body with such responsibilities.

However considering the political standing and state of the countries of Africa, Nigeria especially, Unions such as NUSA; though one with well structured policies and interest to cover and protect broader spectrum of the peoples’ interest is needed for political and human right protection and for the development of primary interests. Primarily people and parties oriented; as meeting the interests of the local people and broader interests of their development for the advancement of understanding between government and peoples’ interests by cutting out a compromise between government’s interests and policies in all of the people concern so to avert miss understanding between the leadership and the people on decision government make concerning issues affecting the public and the changes coming into the country’s polity and policies.

There are more to this idea of bridging the ever widening gap of understanding between the people and their leadership especially at it is affecting the continent today.

African need grassroots Unions like NUSA is aspiring t niche out, but wrongly done

Well, I will say good job president Jonathan I don’t want to over praise the Nigerian consulate office in South Africa, less it will get into their heads.

Just be careful with your partnership with the activities you are involve in with NUSA.


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