Zoma Going Into Next Election Without Maleme….

ImageMalema already on the side line throwing huddles on the ways of Zuma’s campaign…..

Malema already on the side line throwing huddles on the ways of Zuma’s campaign train to the coming election, it has become a war of two elephants.

This is for those nursing the idea of gaining positions and recognition, come the next election and what becomes of it. Many of those who are already cutting their ways into becoming party faithfuls servants and shield for bullets aimed at the leaders of their party’s and interests powerhouse; like we are seeing of Malema supporters holding vigil for him and pledging their undying and unwavering support for him and those, some who are displaying their ability to be good praise singers.

We have seen all of these before. Malema himself was Zuma’s stooge before rising to power and becoming a powerhouse himself today. It was him “Malem” who praise sang Zuma to power, in his days of irrelevance, when being an ANC youth league president was nothing really serious but an arm of the ruling party’s vehicle to reaching the grass-root.

Though have profited from his effort made to bully the law and people away from the chase of the tiger he had ridden, that was up until when his relationship with his once demy god-master began to fall apart.

Today, he stand on pulling the plug on zuma’s ambition to lead the country the second time. With every opportunity that comes his way, the perfectly trained war lord (Malem) lashes at his formator and once perfect master; using the same weapon he was armed with to fight against Thabo Mbeki and the rest of their oppositions of the past.

This incident should not be seen and concluded as one of the political scenes in our country. There are more to be learnt from it and there will be no better analogy event with better characters to showcase both ends of the events and scene as will affect the parties involve.

When one decides on the lions back or allows himself to be ridden by a lion irrespective of tamed the lion is, he is sure to get a very challenging game out of it.

Those singing Malema praises today should look back, seek wisdom from event of the past. They either develop themselves to be resilient to what ever situation which may come their way or learn to bow out and down humbly.

We have also new supports building up for Zuma. What we are not sure of yet is the vibes in them. Nothing has been heard of them or their activities to evaluate what strength control and command they will wield come this election.

However, these powers in their different groups and parties activities confuse us, they distract our minds attentions and focus. This is definitely what a troubled nation like our need at the moment. What is required now are crops of leaders with vision and plans for peace, unity, development and advancement of the social moral development, living standard and social welfare of the people irrespective of class or race, employed or unemployed citizen or foreign.

This brings us to who we give our vote to come the next election. Will it be an election trailed by sentiment, favoritism or sympathy for racial interests, events of the past or opportunity we perceived were taken and prevented from or are we going to look ahead and structure by ourselves in our minds what we desire for our children and their future primarily and on secondary concern, which party among all the political parties has what it takes, to deliver our dream state of the nation to us.

Remember blind follower ship can result to the incident between Malema and Zuma, we we are witnesses to. we have in one way or another, in different forums and means expressed our feeling for what is happening today in the country; those are noted. Now is the time to start bothering our minds on what will become of this country come next dispensation of administration over the running of this county by whoever I chose to give my Vote.


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