Ways our Racial divide Tolleance and understanding is tearing us futher Appart

There is this superiority complexities that is existing between the old and new classes or should I say race – of leadership in South Africa. Not only in political affiliation class and race, but also in ideals, power, political parties and interest.

These tussle of interest and power craving rears its ugly head each time an incident which cuts across political party’s interest and leaves room for the opposition to explore a chance for political point scoring.

The negative effect of this kind of development can only be measured by how much – the effect leaves in the minds of the many diversities of the ethnic understandings, believes, position,history of yesteryear’s and today and the economic effects we all experience today as we are individually affected.

It makes every one’s different race, political party, Religion,  class and what have you suspicious of the other. Anything and everything done by each member of the one class is taken to meana favor to his own and slight on the other.

it is time when we start looking at every action taken by any party, class or race as first a a move free of favor, then why and what my interest would have done otherwise or correctly.


About kaineanthony

Director Christo production, Project. Project Developer at Future Minds development Program (FMDP) and CEO Ahaba Laboratory. CEO, project Developer, Manager and Content writer at AFSON Love challenging my self and being creative. Understand that whatever I do, create or aspire to, must be for the glory of God and to satisfy God's desire for creating humaniis. What makes me happy and will fulfill my joy is: to see humanity understand real reason why "Man" is created by God and to work toward fulfilling God's desire. Creator African Fashion Spot-On, Working for Humanity and RAMBASA. Currently residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. Close to my heart are two projects I developed for humanity and another for the advancement of African skills and talent, for its people and market.
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