How has ICC Help to Caution Political Malpractice in Africa…

Why should Africa continue to depend on our ICC an AU to bring its so-called bad leadership system to Control?

African people and their leaders have for decades been exposed to the wills and interests of western dictators and this has been used by the west to retard the advancement, growth and unity of the continent, its people’s technological, political, religious, cultural and individual self confidents’ advancement.

What Africa has seen and gained are war, strife, poverty in the midst of plenty, betrayals of all form, both in their local leaders and the so-called world body who at each development appears to be on the side of the people while in truth, they are the architects of the mayhems the people face.

Yearly, Africa rejoice over one international project directed at improving the lives of its people only for that “hope for change” to be dashed by one reason or another, with all causes and blamed are directed and blamed on the leader/s of every one of the country where the project is designed and agreed to affect, more disappointing is the living truth of those responsible for implementing the project turning blind eyes, thereby jettisoning the call for accountability over the state of the project and its effect on the people, not asking question but going ahead to plan another project; designed to fail again.


Each time a project is designed in the interest of the people of Africa, it is prioritised and receives concerned response of millions of dollars from interests which stands to benefit in different ways, all in- indebtedness to the countries target. The same costs are tied to the mineral recourses of those countries in the interest of profit making. These profits find their way to individual accounts of all interests represented; who are disguised as (Donors).

To the full knowledge of United Nations, African Union and other world powerful organisations, the plundering of Africa under the disguise of poverty relief or alleviation, aids on curbing of epidemics, sponsoring of useless projects which does not add value to the life of any ordinary Africa man or woman, or provide technological advancement that could help improve or advance production of the minerals – these same interests jostle for, the plundering of these countries happen unchallenged by the same UN and AU who castigate some of the continent’s leaders who will not play ball with them and plot to dethrone and kill such leaders just like-done to Gadaffi of Libya.

ICC was created to try and punish bad leaders and to bring justice to the world over powerful leaders, interests and organisations. But since the establishment of this world court, only African and leaders from the Arab world who took firm stand against the influences, manipulation and plundering of their countries natural wealth have been tried by it so far.

Whilst former British Prime minister Tony Blair and his co-terrorist George bush remain at large over the “illegal war” they waged against Afghanistan and Iraqi, the innocent leaders of these countries have long since been tried and killed or jailed and many other leaders from Africa are awaiting trial, while many more are being prepared for trial in the court that does not have jurisdiction over cases before it against certain leaders without fear of being reprimanded by the interest that create it, court set up to limit some section of the world to under development of its people, economy and aspiration in the interests of some.


I don’t think Africa should be having

anything to do with ICC anymore

With the present state of affairs in the continent countries, especially in the troubled states like the DRC, Nigeria, Cameroon, Egypt and others like Libya which have recently been destabilised and destroyed in an insighted, fuelled, sponsored and executed power dethronement of its leader who was at the time, the leader of this continent’s most powerful organ of influencing world political issues “AU” and taking over of the country’s natural resources.

I don’t think Africa should be having anything to do with ICC anymore. We can handle our matters our selves and our way. Be free of the demise that comes with whatever interests ICC hold for the continent. We should be wise enough now to do away with anything foreign and contrary to the continent’s people and political interests.

The protection UN promise and offers the continent through AU formerly OAU has today shifted from giving protection to the people, to protecting the powers that plunders, victimise the people and sale out to the same interests we are said to be protected against.

African leader are caught in the web of western pluralists and political interests, set to advance their aim against the continent’s development agenda. No leader of any state takes up power – the first time, with interest or desire to pool down the country’s economy and expose it political interests and territory to danger of invasion and plundering. The people hopefully and confidently elect their leaders to manage and provide for their interest. But this confident and hope are soon dashed when foreign interests come between the designed projects of the newly elected leader and the designed interest and wills of the world powers.

Soon after settling in, projects from World Bank, UN, Amnesty international, World Health Organisation and other internationally recognised bodies begin to fly in with deferent promises of benefits to the country and its international status. The juicy proposal soon takes over the reasoning and desire of the new leaders when they come clear with the enormity of the benefit they stand to gain personally and with the promises of security from the so-called powers, they soon begin to shorn the interest they swore to work for and protect.

Next, in action between the people and their leaders, is the show of displeasure by the people to the government for abandoning them and projects tailored to alleviate their suffering. At this point, some leaders get confused and turn to the same United Nations for guides only to be made more defiant to the wills and cry of the people. These leaders who stand to profit along with the international bodies and their frontiers to the detriment of his country project will now depend on these interests for protection against its people who now, turn villain to the society and the adopted project.

This development only seeks to further divide and create disunity among the people, the different ethnic and racial divide of the state. Publically and otherwise, these interests are deep rooted and have repetitive whose interests are covered down to the traditional leadership representation. They plant there network so deep around the leaders so to provide for these leaders safety and vulnerability when need be.

Hence, trapped in this web of comfort at the expense of the peoples’ interest and risk of losing their new found favour among these representatives of the world powers , they dance to tune dictated by these so called world power in fear of so many dicey situations and circumstances around their new found click, and status among the world affluent usurpers and African fools in the name of AU. Also in this web of subjugated interest, they dictates and victimise their own, turn blind eyes to the sufferings and pleas of the people constructive criticism, violence arising form imbalance ethnic and peoples’ life style of living standard.

The prevalence of these quagmires will provide more distraction to the watchful eyes of government watchers, international and local political observers and of cause the people. From time to time, issues of economic importance requiring urgent intervention will be overtaken by issues such as the book harems bombing in Nigeria, the world global warming summit which took place in south Africa, the Bombing of 911 which was made deliberate to cause the war that destroyed Afghan and Iraqi. And the people’s demonstration which led to the overthrow and killing of Momman Gadaffi by international body who had longed for decades to overtake the country’s oil resources.

It is no longer a hidden fact that African leaders who play along with these international plunders remain free while those who remain firm and committed to the development of their country’s wealth and economy independent of their influence are labelled terrorists and criminal usurpers and dictatorial leaders whose hand the people need to be freed from; and are ganged up against, dethrones, tried by ICC and killed.

To avoid world condemnation, of their actions which can be easily surmised as superimposing of their will over less powerful autonomy countries, they have come up with the system of instigating the people over such leaders.

Syria was the first place where this was tried out. Its success caused the same method to be used in Egypt Ivory Coast and then Libya where they met Gadaffi’s stiff resistance and in order not to be shamed by his tenacity to fend the off, they had him killed disgracefully.


This method of invasion of countries through the use of the people to getting these leaders dethroned for a new leader who stand to play stooge to the UN interests is gaining ground across Africa and Arab world, especially in countries where the recourses needed by these interests are enormously available and where their leaders are becoming enlightened to the values of their wealth and the powers they stand to control.

Where the UN imposition have failed to achieved for them the measure of influence they require over accessing and controlling the country’s natural recourses, somehow-now, the invasion method has turned out to be the best form of changing the regime and plant their stooge.

If Africa, Arab and the world do not rise up today in condemnation and device and means of rendering this new method of invasion, it will grow to becoming a trend in the hands of world known and unknown terrorists to invade, plant and plunder nations while they remain under the protection of world renowned and respected organisations like the G-7, UN, AU etc.

We in Africa have today been limited in the extent to which we can go in pursuing technological development and advancement through the use of Global warming scare. While that will not work with Iran, they have employed the bully system to intimidate the country to abandon its aspiration to advance its country’s technology

Hello Africa!

Hello AU!! And

Hello OOAIG!!!

Where do we stand, what future do we dream for this continent; its people, industry and market/commerce. Are we going to remain dictated to incessantly by the so-called world market on the prices at which we sale and buy our goods and needs/

Will we forever remain as markets for goods from America, Asia, West and Europe? Where and what will become the destination of our well nurtured culture, ideals, customs, values and future???? If we ever had any of these to take any where.


About kaineanthony

Director Christo production, Project. Project Developer at Future Minds development Program (FMDP) and CEO Ahaba Laboratory. CEO, project Developer, Manager and Content writer at AFSON Love challenging my self and being creative. Understand that whatever I do, create or aspire to, must be for the glory of God and to satisfy God's desire for creating humaniis. What makes me happy and will fulfill my joy is: to see humanity understand real reason why "Man" is created by God and to work toward fulfilling God's desire. Creator African Fashion Spot-On, Working for Humanity and RAMBASA. Currently residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. Close to my heart are two projects I developed for humanity and another for the advancement of African skills and talent, for its people and market.
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