Is Mail and Guidan reporting obvious story of Planting Discord In COSATU

South African Black ruling party (ANC) since taking over power from White led racist and discriminate and segregating  government of over hundred years in power have not had it easy with the offended and biased white still fighting to regain political power which they had enjoyed and thrived in for over a century of the country’s history.

only during the reign of ANC struggle duke “Nelson Mandela”, did the country’s polity enjoy anything near sanity and decorum, when the white accorded ANC led government anything near support and compromise with its policies and governing strategies.

It could as well be surmised that the era of Thabo Mbekhi began with the reflection of same measure of attitude given to the government led by Mandela by the whites, although this lasted only for some period during Mbekhi’s first term in office. things turned around when the issue concerning the arms deal came out discouraging the right wings who had hoped to profit from the billion Rand wind fall contract which went the way of Jacob Zuma’s business interest representative.

Since the arms deal and on ward visible shift of power and interests, ANC taking over total control of politics power in the country, which saw some white political party closing offices and blacks finding their full voices; the plot to stat a mechanism that will end the threat of black getting in and fighting over the control of the country’s economy became eminent and staring the whites in the face. Hence the propaganda championed by the news media began, working with interest driven judiciary of the country which will stop at nothing but to drive home the interest of the previously managers of that office.

why would the Judiciary and media not have their way in the face of a working constitution surrounded by leaders who are still naive and have not fully recovered from the fear instilled in them by the worst government the world will ever experienced again in the history of humanity or the leaders whom they poorly trained, who are larking the true basics of practicing their trade as should, especially when faced by those who grow with them as their worst nightmare.

Amidst controversy, Jacob zuma worn his court cases where he was tried for offenses for which he was framed up, like rape. His case in which the judge claimed he had a “generally corrupt relationship” with his financial adviser shake was take from scenes which clearly reveal what will happen in any and every normal business relation and situation with interests as he shared with his business partner and political interest involvement as would be involved in by any other person. Whilst in his case the court developed ground to judge him, his counterpart in other countries like America and Britain never have a breath of their political lifestyle and business interests made public. The same is the case and scheme planed down and used in bringing down many ANC office holders whose activities in the polity of the country they find threatening to their interest and business.

Hence the unsubstantiated findings of Mail and Guardian writer which kept refereeing to the invalidity of the news in itself said it all, so to take the readers out of the quagmire of ascertaining where to pin what, the writer, safe from COSATU’s  probe and held liable for inciting division within COSATU and its alliance body, misinforming the generality of the people and creating a ground for other media to and political tongues to lough on for further destructive nosing against their target.

This piece of information written as it is is meant to trigger interest, question and worry among the people; to confuse them about the reality of the demand they are making and to put a confusions among the people – so the stand they affirm together may be weakened.

This is South African Politics and divided interests for you.


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