Why Another African Body?…Our Leaders; Are they Susceptible to Compromisng in tough times…?

At the wake of the announcement of Moman Gaddafi’s proposal for the establishment of United States of Africa, the world was hit by that shock which led to the world powers – burning the night candle to see that Africa did not sign to that pact.

Dialogues began between Western leaders and their interests partners and annalists went to work and placed individual African country currency and economy on the scale for evaluation. These saw that dream of unifying the continent under one rule; one United country, a feet which would have had Momma Gaddafi becoming the first leader of United Africa under the name United States of Africa abandoned and dead.

From that moment, Gaddafi became a silent fugitive waiting to be executed but those who wanted him dead did, those who will not have him stand on their way to plundering the continent; not knowing how to go about it as toppling his government was impossible.

Experimentation were carried out in countries to see which one method of executing the fugitive leader will be more appropriate and effective, without laying the blame on them. But non seem to be possible under a fulfilling live the people of Libya were living.

The last experiment was the employment of local interest to depose a ruling government, a situation which brought about the leader or target person left under the mercy of his country’s so called public interest, demanding the toppling of their leader. And what comes after that will either be being tried in theinternational court or meeting the fate that met Gaddafi in his defing of his country’s sponsored insurgent demands.

This method proved more effective in ivory coast, Egypt and other countries where it was tried out, then it was taken to Libya.

Momman Gaddafi was plucked before the shameless and coward eyes of African Union and then, disgracefully killed as African Union members watch in fear with no single one of them able to whisper-even a word to his trusted Allie. The most disgraceful act committed in Africa under the watchful eyes of AU. I wonder if as OAU, this would have happened.

True leaders of this Continent who would have been placed to represent us on the international stage like Robbert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, is neglected and demonised before the people, Gaddafi of Libya; disgracefully killed and or Rawlins of Ghana and Mandella of south Africa are both old and out of the play-field. Those who can still do something are not given opportunity to rise to power, they are either sillenced and not given audience, or labeled terrorists or fugitives and left in their country’s prison – on the order of the almighty Americ and Britain who dictates the affairs of African Union. So handicaped. Leaving us “Africans” at the mercy of corrupt ridden leaders who already have their head in the western leaders noose, waiting to be cut off at the slightest mistake.

Now we have what AU called “AU commission”, another body like PAP (Pan African Parliament) which duties we have not been told, the sources of their powers, autonomy or interest we are yet to be enlightened.

Countries interested in securing the leaderhip position of that organisation under their cabinet are high as they topple on each other in vying for the top position and south Africa is on the fore front of this. Goodwill deals are pouring into SA and international bodies are are getting closer to South African government and the people are happy. What they do not know is that there are so much to be dreaded in these offers of goodwill they receive and the position of the chair person of the “African Union Commission” will bring.


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One Response to Why Another African Body?…Our Leaders; Are they Susceptible to Compromisng in tough times…?

  1. kaineanthony says:

    Africa is still far from making her own decision. We still live in fear of the west, treaty entered into without knowing what its provisions are and the fear of telling our people the truth about the position we find our self for selfish reasons.


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